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Just posted on my website a new essay under the above title, which can be downloaded as a pdf at http://bit.ly/KBKieslowski. I’ve been working on this all 2015, and posted bits of work-in-progress in this blog. Here’s a summary:

1              K’s high reputation – his influence – the label of ‘metaphysical’ – K’s God as outlined in 1993 interview – ‘metaphysical’ as getting behind physical appearances – ‘metaphysical’ because of presence of a God-like figure, e.g. in Three Colours: Red.

2              K’s work in documentaries prior to 1980 – particular circumstances illustrate a larger universe – ‘metaphysical’ as in The Metaphysical Poets of 17th-century England – TS Eliot – K’s interest in ill-health as metaphor – K’s documentaries about patients in hospitals, and Hospital about doctors.

3              K’s career as a documentarist (1967-80) – importance of Kazimierz Karabasz – contemporary Poland – K’s questioning of system – K’s humanism – The Office (1967) and Kafka.

4              K’s economy of narrative and of editing – his structuralism.

5              K and Camus’ ‘metaphysical rebellion’.

Also on the website is a KK timeline juxtaposing his career with events in Poland.