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Stavros Bay, Crete, from the air, October 2015:

aerial 3

Stavros Bay from the ground, ca 1964:

Zorba 2

And here’s another view:

Zorba 6

These frame captures comes from the film Zorba the Greek, Hollywoodized from the noted novel by Nikos Kazantzakis published in 1946. It was first released in December 1964, so presumably had been shot earlier that year. It shows the bay as a pristine site, untouched by habitation just a film crew. But of course the making of the film launched Stavros Bay as a holiday site, so that it is now a popular resort on the Akrotiri peninsula on the north side of Crete. When I visited on 8 October, it was not overwhelmed by people, although the signs are that it is so in the high summer. You can see why from this panorama taken in the water:

Crete Stavros

On the right is the hill which Basil and Zorba try to mine (with an ineptitude that defies belief) and just behind the camera is the sandy shore on which Zorba teaches Basil to dance at the end of the film:

Zorba 8

So that’s all right then.