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A better title for the book maybe? I take it from my first review, by Richard Lofthouse in Oxford Today online:

“Staying with religion for a moment is Tim Cawkwell’s second edition of his work The Filmgoer’s Guide to God. Slightly mistitled, it’s not a guide to God as such and isn’t peddling any religion except a love of film. It simply explores the enormous quantity of ‘spilt religion’ in films, both religious themes in otherwise secular films as well as overtly religious themes. In lots of ways Cawkwell lays bare the fundamentally redemptive quality of numerous film scripts, but the main point is that he is a film buff’s film buff and exhibits encyclopedic knowledge of directing and making films. In taking the divine angle, he’s addressed one of the great lacunas of the stock and trade film critic. The commentary dives straight in, however: there are so many films here that you won’t have seen that it almost feels like an education simply to be reminded that there are such deep traditions of non-Hollywood film making. Soviet greats like Andrei Tarkovsky, you will know. But how well do you know his acolytes Sokurov and Zvyagintsev?”