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The NFGG paperback has just arrived, prior to publication. A good moment. But last night I saw Calvary and realized the book is already out of date. Calvary is about a priest in rural Ireland, the rock which waves of human sinfulness beat but cannot erode. It opens with a bald, shocking premise: in the confessional the good priest learns that he is to be killed in seven days’ time as atonement for the sexual abuse by a bad one that the anonymous confessor suffered as a boy. Its parentage is the French novelist, Georges Bernanos, filtered through Robert Bresson’s version of his Diary of a Country Priest and Maurice Pialat’s Under Satan’s Sun (compare Gleeson’s bulk under the soutane with Depardieu’s in that film). But it also nods – consciously or not I’ve no idea – to Winter Light (the fracture between priest and parishioners), I Confess (the secrecy of the confessional) and Léon Morin, Prêtre (the attractiveness of the priest to the woman).

So, NFGG is out of date, already. A bad moment for me? Not really. It was bound to happen. Maybe I should start planning for THE RETURN OF THE NEW FILMGOER’S GUIDE TO GOD in a decade’s time.